After trialling various 3D Laser scanning solutions the market has to offer, we recently decided to invest in the Leica RTC360 3D reality capture solution and workflow.

The Leica RTC360 3D reality capture solution empowers users to document and capture their environments in 3D, improving efficiency and productivity in the field and in the office through fast, simple-to-use, accurate, and portable hardware and software. The RTC360 3D laser scanner is the solution for professionals to manage project complexities with accurate and reliable 3D representations and discover the possibilities of any site.

The new Leica RTC360 laser scanner makes 3D reality capture faster than ever before. With a measuring rate of up to 2 million points per second and advanced HDR imaging system, the creation of coloured 3D point clouds can be completed in under two minutes. Plus, automated targetless field registration (based on VIS technology) and the seamless, automated transfer of data from site to office reduce time spent in the field and further maximise productivity.

Low noise data allows for better images, resulting in crisp, high-quality scans that are rich in detail and ready for use in a range of applications. Combined with Cyclone FIELD 360 software for automated registration in the field, the Leica RTC360 scanner offers outstanding precision that can be checked on-site.

We can now offer our reality capture surveys at a significantly reduced cost to scanning workflow’s provided by Faro and similar systems, Contact us to find out how we can be of assistance on your next project.


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